Have You Met Me?

I began my veggie lifestyle over 30 years ago, having always had the absolute pleasure of growing tons of fresh veggies and herbs for as long as I can remember.

It wasn’t until I literally woke up one April morning a little over 6 years ago, that I decided to eliminate dairy fully from my diet. That decision has been a remarkable one. Over the course of that year I lost 40 pounds. Had you asked me, I would have never thought I had “joint issues”, but I found that I was able to sit cross-legged on the floor, something that I had forgotten I was able to do.

I had changed nothing else but my body was able to metabolize and work in a much more efficient way without the density of any animal products. (my scientific conclusion! #noPhdNeeded!)

What surprised me is that I didn’t begin my vegan life with expectations of a new me, but 6+ years down this road, my energy level, creativity, and physical health are at level I had never experienced in my life despite coming from a “clean, organic, vegetarian” diet.

Who knew such personal health benefits were to be found in going dairy-free?

As I continue into my sixth decade (OMG) I take no supplements or any medications, have no allergies, no surgeries (ok, my teeth are kind of crooked) — I am truly grateful for embracing this vegan life.

Please join me and The Goat!s Revolt.