non-dairy-vegan-cream-cheese-spreadSeasonally flavored spreads

Raw, cultured organic cashew based “cream-cheese style” spreads.

  • Sun-dried tomato and basil
  • Mr Kick – Chimyo Northern New Mexico Red Chili with Smoky Chipotle
  • Fresh – Veggie spread
organic-coconut-soy-cheeseSlice it, Shred it, Melt it

These cheeses are delicious cold and freshly sliced and cubed from the fridge. They also make satisfying hot entrees. They have become a “food group” at my house.

  • Melt Your Heart – Mozzarella style — Think: Pasta, Pizza, Flat Breads
  • Pepper Jack —Think: Melty Quesadilla
vegan-cheddar-cheese-soup-mix“The Powders”

These dry quick-cook, non dairy mixes allow for long pantry life and convenience anytime.

  • Quick Cook Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix – Quick Cook Cheddar Cheese Sauce — Think: comfort! Mac & Cheese and Loaded Baked Potato
  • Quick Cook Broccoli Cheese Soup Mix — Think: Yum!
non-dairy-aged-vegan-parmesanMust Haves

Cultured, raw and living.

  • Aged Parmesan – (It’s got that Umami thing going for it)
  • “Shaker Cheese” — Sprinkle it on everything
  • Lemon Ricotta — Delicate and light. Have it on your toasted English Muffin in the morning